Sir Clive Woodward

As a coach I am always looking for ways to improve my players above and beyond the 'traditional' methods. Our sight is the most important sense that we have in sport so it seems strange to me that it is so often ignored when it comes to training and creating world class athletes.

I strongly believe that there is a link between vision and on pitch performance and through training an athlete's eyes we will see improvements in their game play and decision making. We took the training of our eyes very seriously in our preparation for the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

I met Zöe in 2007 when she was already working for the GB men's hockey team and immediately asked her to become part of the BOA team specialising in Sports Vision.

I believe that Zöe's ability to relate to both coaches and players is a real advantage having played Hockey at a very high level and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

Clive Woodward

Dr Marco Cardinale
The following is from Dr Marco Cardinale, head of sports science and research at the British Olympic Association

I met Zöe in 2007 when she became a member of the BOA Science team specialising in Sports Vision and got to know her better as a co-supervisor for her PhD project. Zöe as been working very hard since then to understand the science behind sports vision as well as develop unique solutions for athletes in various sports. Zöe is committed to develop and evidence-based approach to sports vision solutions and the results of her studies already suggest some useful applications in various sports."

"Zöe is not only a good applied scientist, but also a good sports vision coach capable of communicating clearly with both coaches and athletes. Her previous experiences as a high level Hockey player are such that she is fully aware of the demands and sensitivities of high performance environments.

I would recommend her services to anyone looking to introduce sports vision as a performance solution.

Dr Marco Cardinale