I am a coach and I am interested in improving my own performance

Here are Performance Vision, we don’t just work directly with athletes, we also work with coaches, and all members of the support team, to help them be able to maximise their own performance. We have spoken at international coaching conferences and run coach education workshops as well as individual training. The aim is to help you understand what you can and can’t expect from your athletes and to tailor your training to take advantage of what the visual system is capable of. We can help you adjust your existing training sessions to include vision elements within them, as well as getting you to develop your own ideas on how to you’re your athletes further by understanding their visual abilities.

By working with physios and doctors we can also help injured athletes see faster results while in rehab, and less reinjury when returning to play. Vision in a major component of balance so after any lower body injury, an athlete is likely to use more of their visual resources to just help them stay upright. By including vision training in rehabilitation work this reliance can be lessened making the athlete use their proprioception more effectively from an earlier stage.

We have also worked with coaches on where they themselves look when they are coaching as a way of assessing their own scanning patterns. For example, do you really spend time paying attention to all players in a training session or are some likely to go under the radar? How do you actively give the best feedback to players at the end of a match if you haven’t paid much individual attention to them during the game? This is not a method of criticising coaches – it is impossible for one person to cover everything. It is more a way to help you understand your own style and perhaps develop a team of coaches whose natural tendencies compliment each other to provide the best support for the athletes.

If you are interested in exploring any of these areas further or have your own ideas you would like to discuss, please contact us by filling in the form below.