Performance Vision specialises in providing unique visual training packages that are tailored to the specific demands of the chosen sport. The programme usually begins with a screening to test the general visual skills of an athlete. This is followed by feedback to the athlete and coach and discussions over the best way to incorporate vision training into the athlete's current training programme. Vision sessions can take the form of individual or small group sessions working on a particular visual skill or a particular weakness of the athlete. Large group or team sessions can also be carried out. Performance Vision can run coach education sessions which aim to help the coaches introduce vision training into other aspects of the athlete's programme such as strength and conditioning or technical/tactical sessions. Vision training often begins in the 'classroom' and moves on to more competition specific training.

Vision is not just applicable in the sports environment. Research is starting to show a positive relationship between visual skills and children's concentration and application in the classroom. It has been shown to be of benefit in road safety, both to drivers and pedestrians. Vision training can also have a positive impact on our armed forces in enabling them to detect threats more quickly and make decisions more efficiently. In short - if you need to make fast decisions based on what you are seeing, vision training can benefit you.