I am an athlete and looking for ways to improve my performance…

Regardless of your sport, it makes intuitive sense that the athlete who can take in and process more information, in a shorter period of time, will have an advantage over their opponent. 

Here at Performance Vision we are dedicated to helping athletes achieve this advantage by working on all elements of the decision making process from how your eyes take in information, how your brain can process it and then deliver the messages to your muscles to perform the required actions. We can work on this in a range of different ways but often we will start with a screening process to find out where your existing strengths and weaknesses lie – before working with you to tailor a programme to have the maximal benefit for your performance.

Our training programmes are unique for every athlete, not just in their content but also in how they are delivered. Having worked with everyone from premiership rugby and footballers to F1 drivers and Olympic gymnasts, we understand that fitting into your training and competition schedules can be tough.  Because of this we work with you to develop a programme that will not only improve your performance but will blend into your schedule and work along side your other training to enhance the benefits you get from all areas.

Characteristics shown by athletes with exceptional vision include:

  • Time on the ball
  • High levels of creativity
  • Quick reactions to switches in play
  • Confidence in predicting movement of others
  • Consistently good decision making
  • Mental focus and concentration

By training with us, we can help with all these areas and many more. Our aim is to make your whole visual system (from eyes, to brain, to muscles) fast and efficient to maximize your performance and make it robust enough to stand up under the extreme pressures faced by athletes at the top level.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help accomplish your goals then get in contact by filling in the form below.