The art of penalties

Practice, Pressure, Focus - The art of penalties

28th May 2021

Famous Grey Kit

Science or lame excuse? Can shirt colour really impact performance?

16th Apr 2021

Did you know your eye muscles can be trained?

Did you know your eye muscles can be trained?

12th Apr 2021

Formula 1

F1 watch - Can a colourful helmet impact performance?

24th Mar 2021


Ashwin and Kyrgios: villains or genius?

26th Mar 2019


Vision at the Ryder Cup

25th Sep 2018


Yet another VAR blog: considering the vision of elite football referees

26th Jun 2018


'Seeing' fencing for the first time

8th Aug 2016


Case Study - Ronaldo - Tested to the Limit

4th Sep 2011

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Dr Zöe Wimshurst is a world leader in sports vision and for over a decade has worked directly with some of the best athletes and sports teams on the planet.

Dr Zoe Wimshurst