I think I have a visual issue and am looking for help

If you have any visual problem the first thing we would always recommend is to see an optometrist who can make sure there are no underlying problems with your eyes themselves. Make sure you tell the optometrist about your sport so they can give you the best advice for the specific demands you face. At Performance Vision we regularly work with sport specific optometrists as we like all athletes to have a comprehensive screening to make sure everything is functioning properly before we try and develop and advanced visual skills on top. If you would like help finding a specialist sports optometrist then please fill out the contact form and we can try and help you find someone local to you.

If you have seen an optometrist and know that is not where the problem lies, then perhaps we can help. We have previously worked with a range of different issues that might be sports specific such as struggling with timing on a volley or catching a high ball; or they might be ongoing visual issues following a head injury; or it could be something you can’t put your finger on, you just know something isn’t quite right. Our in-depth screenings can help uncover problems that may be impacting on your performance and once we have found the issue, we can tailor programmes to help you recover and even exceed your previous match play.

Regardless of the problem, we are here to help and if we can’t help ourselves we will always try to pass you on to the relevant experts who might be able to. 

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help accomplish your goals and overcome any problems then get in contact by filling in the form below.