I am a coach looking to improve the performance of my athletes

Are you trying to find that magic formula to help your team function more efficiently? Do you want something that will not only improve individuals but also help the whole group dynamic? Whist vision training is not a magic solution it is definitely something that can improve performance of teams and individuals. Too often players are cast aside for reasons such as:

  • Not being in the right place at the right time
  • Making poor decisions
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Poor balance and difficulty with timing

These are all issues that vision training can overcome, and our screenings often detect underlying problems that once solved can improve performance exponentially. 
In a team environment we can help the group develop search strategies to enable them to grow a ‘hive mindset’ where they trust each other and help each other make the best decisions for team progression on the pitch. This will keep them one step ahead of their opponents as well as understanding each other better so they can work in a more synchronous way for greater success.

We have experience working with athletes and teams from a range of different sports and so have experience in tailoring a training programme to fit with your needs. We work not only with the athletes themselves but also with the coaches, rehab team, S&C and psychologists to fully integrate what we do into the core values of the team and also to provide the best solutions for you. We provide not only specialist vision sessions, but also coach education sessions, work with the rehab team to help injured athletes come back sharper than ever, and to integrate vision training into other training elements such as gym based work to maximise the use of athlete time. We understand that the needs of each team, and each person within that team, are unique and we are dedicated to finding the best way to support you to give your athletes every advantage possible.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help accomplish your goals then get in contact by filling in the form below.